Fencing, Wall Planned for Marietta Public Parking Lot

As part of a larger plan, the fence and wall will provide extra safetyalong the parking lot behind Manchester Road.

Neighbors along Marietta Avenue could soon see a buffer between their homes and the public parking lot across the street.

A retaining wall and fencing are planned for the Marietta Public Parking Lot, which was . Maplewood City Council approved a design during last Tuesday's meeting that consists of a mosaic retaining wall and wrought iron ornamental fence.

City council still must approve spending roughly $140,000 on the project. If approved, the city would start collecting bids and complete the project by August, City Manager Marty Corcoran said.

The wall, which would run along the sidewalk beside the parking lot, would be roughly two-and-a-half feet tall, Corcoran said. That could be a safety hazard for people walking in the parking lot at night, so fencing would run along the length of the wall to prevent injuries.

The plan also calls for steps and handrails in the center of the fenced area for additional safety and convenience. The fence and walls also would extend far enough to slow down potentially hazardous traffic.

"We won't have people cutting in there with cars, and customers walking over to the sidewalk won't take a nasty spill," Corcoran said.

The proposal is just one part of a larger streetscape plan for Marietta, which will eventually include wheel stops, light fixtures and an upgraded sidewalk, along with additional landscaping.


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