Newcomer Patrick Toohey Wins 3-Way Ward 4 Race

Toohey is on the board of the Brentwood Forest Condominiums, but this is his first time as a Brentwood alderman.

Aldermanic election newcomer Patrick Toohey defeated incumbent , running for her fourth term in Brentwood’s fourth ward, as well as , who had been an alderman in the 1980s.

Toohey’s 69 votes beat out Krewson’s 56 and Beirman’s 42. The close three-way race didn’t give Toohey a majority of the votes, but it was enough.

Toohey filed to run, , thinking he didn’t have time to campaign. Then he .

He’s on the board of . He said his work there would have to speak for his qualifications to run.

He said he’s sure Krewson and Bierman must be disappointed.

“They each got to be an alderman in some capacity,” he said. “It’s kind of a roll in, roll out kind of a situation, and it’s a community type roll. I think it’s good that people come in and do their service, and then someone else takes that roll at some point.”

Neither Krewson nor Bierman could be reached for comment after the results were in.

Toohey said he’s looking forward to working with the other Ward 4 alderman, Tom Kramer.

“We have a pretty good relationship,” Toohey said. “He’s come to our board meetings. I’ve come to know him the past year and a half.”

Toohey said he’s looking forward to being on the board when the . He said he'd like to help implement controls that are recommended.


Bierman contacted Patch the morning after the election and submitted this statement:

"...I would like to express my thanks to the friends and supporters who voted for me. I appreciate their confidence, unfortunately it was not enough. Therefore, I extend my support and fervent hope that the winner can successfully help provide the careful oversight of government operations to put Brentwood residents at ease that the city is on the right path."

The evening after the election, Krewson sent this e-mail to Patch.

"I would like to congratulate Patrick Toohey on his victory and Gary Bierman on running a close race. I enjoyed my six years as an alderman in Ward 4 and will continue to serve this ward and city in whatever capacity I can. I appreciate the people I have met and the friends I have made throughout my tenure as an alderman. I will support Alderman-elect Toohey as well as Alderman Kramer in their continuing efforts to improve our ward and our city. Thank you for all of your support throughout the years. Lorraine Krewson Alderman, Ward 4"

Doug Miner April 05, 2012 at 02:05 AM
Patch was unable to contact Krewson or Bierman the night of the election for comment, but since then both contacted Patch with statements. They've been added to the article.


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