Proposition Q Voters Will Vote Separately, On Paper

The St. Louis County Election Commission said it got the information too late for it to be on the same ballot as the other items.

Maplewood residents who vote on Proposition Q on Tuesday will find a slightly different procedure.

Proposition Q will not be loaded onto the electronic touch screen, and a voter will need to ask for a paper ballot to vote on Proposition Q.

St. Louis County Director of Elections Rita Heard Days said the proposition was submitted late.

"Initially they first had to get the signatures, after they did that, we had to certify that those were all good signatures. Between that time, it took them a little time to figure out if they were going to move forward with that," she said.

An originator of the referendum, Tonya Powell, said they were not late, or the city and board of elections would not have accepted the petition. 

She said all their petition submissions were directly to the city. "We did not submit anything to the Board of Elections. That is the city's responsibility," Powell said.

"It is my understanding that the city submitted the ballot language too late and that is why there are two ballots," she said.

Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran said nobody was late, and it couldn't have been done any earlier.

"There was nobody late in filing," he said. "We had to go to court to put it on to abide by the requirements of the charter."

Proposition Q is the referendum on the ordinance that allows QuikTrip to move from its current spot in Maplewood to the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Big Bend Boulevard. A yes vote agrees with the ordinance and the QuikTrip move. A no vote goes against the move.

TP April 01, 2013 at 09:36 PM
Exactly, but since there has been so much mis-information, (like what we are actually voting on) I hope they do the research required to make an informed decision. Although I have shared my views above, as requested, I also encourage people to research the facts and not just rely on the back and forth seen here.
Nicholas Frisella April 01, 2013 at 10:10 PM
Just to clarify. I DO NOT support Proposition Q and I did help collect signatures for the referendum committee. I personally believe if someone sits down and reviews all the facts presented without bias they would feel the same. Corndog, I can call you corndog, right? :) I sent two responses to your question on Easter. You asked my opinion on what the negative impact of QT relocating could be to local business. The first never uploaded and the second response was the post with three links that described what a generation 3 Quik Trip is. I gave my opinion and then posted the links so you and others could form your own opinion based on facts. It is interesting to me that after reading the links you formed an opinion vastly different than my own. That is why, I also believe, it is important to get all of the facts out there so that people can make their own informed decision. I personally don't believe QT is going to provide a healthy alternative to the school kids. QT will offer the "convenience factor" and just like a fast food restaurant will lead to people sacrificing quality for convenience. With respect, Nick When I get home from work I will try to figure out why my first response didn't post and hopefully find a copy I can just paste. Trying to keep up with this issue is very time consuming but it is a worthwhile effort so onward I push! I would also like to point out the discussion here has been very thoughtful and free of anger, good work everyone!
Nicholas Frisella April 01, 2013 at 10:34 PM
Found it! Nick from Maplewood 7:13 pm on Sunday, March 31, 2013 Corndogandpizza, Call it the convenience factor. Generation 3 Quik Trips are designed to have fresh fruit, wraps, sandwiches, and hot food. They sell ready to eat items and offer prepared meals to reheat at home. They contain a coffee bar, soda station, hot food station, and baked goods. In addition Quik Trip sells a limited selection of groceries, bottled drinks, beer, and wine. They also sell items like dog food, aspirin, toilet paper, diapers, and toothpaste. Some people would be willing to sacrifice quality for the convenience of QT's goods and their onsite parking. Any of the awesome restaurants in Maplewood would potentially lose business because of this convenience factor. Foundation Grounds and Stone Spiral would lose some of their coffee and baked good sales to QT. Shop n Save would also be affected. Think about it, if drive distance wasn't a factor, would it be easier to park, grab a gallon of milk, and pay at QT or Shop n Save? That is why I think local business would be affected by the relocation. A business like QT requires a lot of traffic to be profitable. They apply a mathematical formula to traffic conditions at a every intersection they plan on moving to. Big Bend and Manchester fits that formula so the amount of customers visiting QT daily will be extremely different than the amount of customers visiting the scooter store.
corndogandpizza April 02, 2013 at 04:54 AM
Nick from Maplewood. I like you are trying to keep up and find it worthwhile. Your counter points were good and got me thinking, but at the end of the day, the positives out weighted the negatives. I entered the back and forth when the discussion turned to apples and oranges. You may find this amusing. I poked around and at the end of day thought the apple or orange conversation was misleading and insulting to the voters and insinuated distrust amongst our city leaders. I even stated I will not be voting for an apple or and orange, but for Maplewood. Now I find myself voting YES for more apples and oranges. If PROP Q passes, QT will be locating down the street and some of the near businesses will need to step up. If it fails, I’ll wait to hear about the new direction. If the direction is an out of town corporation or if QT leaves Maplewood, so be it, this is what we voted on. Corndog, hey you, poop head. I’ve been called worse. Hey Nick from Maplewood, One last thing, it appears we will be canceling out each others vote, unless that is, I can talk you into not voting. lol Cheers!
Shawn Faulkingham April 02, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Sorry for the delay Nick. TP is correct. No matter how you vote, paper or electronic, you will get a separate paper ballot for Prop Q. Now, get out there and VOTE!


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