QuikTrip Referendum Pushes Forward With More Signatures

Petitioners turned in more signatures to Maplewood City Hall this week. Here's the latest update on the potential referendum.

Days after petitioners were notified that they were 79 signatures short of forcing a referendum on the potential QuikTrip redevelopment, they turned in more than 200 signatures to Maplewood City Hall. 

On Tuesday afternoon, City Manager Marty Corcoran confirmed that city officials had received the signatures and had delivered them to the St. Louis County Board of Elections for verification. 

The petition process began after Maplewood City Council voted on Nov. 27 to allow QuikTrip to move its Maplewood store from the current location on Big Bend Boulevard to the northwest corner of Big Bend and Manchester Road.

The approval drew scrutiny from the Maplewood Richmond Heights Board of Education and several families within the school district, who say they fear a redevelopment would cause increased traffic while reducing safety for students who are walking to the high school and middle school building, which is located next to the site. 

If petitioners collect the necessary 1,038 valid signatures, then council members will be required to re-vote on the QuikTrip redevelopment. If the measure passes a second time, then it will be placed before the voters in the April 2013 election. 

Tonya Powell, a Maplewood resident and parent in the district, has been a lead petitioner. She notified Patch on Monday that they submitted an additional 233 signatures this week. 

The petition originally had contained some invalid signatures because they came from people who weren't registered voters or they weren't registered within Maplewood, Powell previously told Patch. 

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Jackie Adams January 24, 2013 at 05:40 AM
I was lead to believe this petition was so that it was left up to the residents of MRH to decide if QT should move or not- not that it was in protest. Regardless- people should really be more concerned about the little shop on Big Bend that sells pornography and drug paraphenalia across the street from the school and let positive progress happen!! The opening of a respectable store may hinder the progress of not so respectable establishments!!! And if you're child can't cross the street carefully at the cross walks then maybe they shouldn't be walking to school by themselves yet....just sayin...
TP January 24, 2013 at 03:53 PM
The purpose of the petition, yes, is to get the issue put on a ballot for citizens to vote on. The reasons behind wanting to put it on the ballot are multi-fold. Increased traffic at our busiest intersection is but one of them. However, the complete lack of traffic studies or safety assessments regarding the impact of the changes the City wants to make to the Martini/Lohmeyer areas are huge concerns. We are all for respectable business, and this effort is not against any particular business. Responsible city planning is what is lacking in Maplewood and why we have been working so adamantly to bring this to a vote of the people.
Jason Cameron January 24, 2013 at 07:08 PM
I couldn't agree more with Jackie's comment. I think this has turned into a very shallow debate. Honestly, does anyone prefer an empty, drab dealership repair building over a new filling station? This is not high art folks; it’s simply progress and development. If not Quik Trip, then what is the goal exactly? And as far as child safety is concerned, anyone who pays any amount of attention to school foot traffic will see that kids are already crossing to either Shell, or walking (usually jay walking!) to QT's current location. In my personal opinion, I think we need to get our priorities straight as a community and focus more on what truly matters. Show me a referendum to change laws that will help the homeless in Maplewood, or lower our crime rate, or even improve our school’s graduation rate, and I will gladly sign.
Ashley January 24, 2013 at 08:56 PM
I'd like to know what the small shop on Big Bend is that sells pornography and drug paraphernalia. That is concerning to say the least.


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