QuikTrip Relocation Ordinance, Completed, Signed

The as-amended and passed ordinance was signed on Thursday. A PDF file of the complete ordinance is included.

An ordinance establishing the planned unit development (PUD) for a new QuikTrip location in Maplewood was signed, as amended, on Thursday.

Mayor James White said the law took longer to pass than the laws enabling Walmart or Sam's Club to be built.

It passed city council, but there may be a citizen organization to gather signatures to force a referendum vote.

The as-amended and passed ordinance was signed on Thursday.

Some specifics in the ordinance:

  • There will be 16 pumps, able to be in operation 24 hours a day
  • QuikTrip must replace and resurface Martini Drive
  • QuikTrip must replace the sidewalk on the west side of Martini Drive
  • Concrete or metal bollards must divide the sidewalk from Martini Drive
  • A fence at the north end of Martini Drive will prevent any northbound or southbound traffic to or from Maplewood Richmond Heights schools
  • QuikTrip will purchase 2547 Big Bend Boulevard to construct a street connecting Big Bend Boulevard and Martini Drive
  • A crossing guard will be paid for by QuikTrip

See the complete ordinance in the included PDF file.

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Michelle Seymour November 30, 2012 at 01:05 PM
I'm new to Maplewood, so maybe I just don't have the experience to comment. But we moved here, not only for the excellent school district but also because Maplewood has a unique atmosphere that can't be found in most other St. Louis neighborhoods. As someone who truly loves Maplewood, this is sad news for me. This will be an ugly, dangerous addition to our city. Everything shouldn't be about getting the biggest buck.


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