QuikTrip Vote Tabled Again, Yale Avenue Work May or May Not Happen This Fall

The QuikTrip relocation is tabled for the second time. Yale Avenue may or may not get new concrete this fall.



The final vote on the QuikTrip relocation was tabled for the second Maplewood City Council meeting in a row on Tuesday.

City staff and the Maplewood Richmond Heights school board are talking over amendments to increase safety for students who cross the Manchester-Big Bend intersection walking to school. According to City Manager Marty Corcoran, no one is using cuss words.

The ordinance received unanimous approval in its first two votes at previous council meetings.

MRH Superintendent Karen Hall said they've been working with St. Louis County on the signal at the intersection, and it's not easy.

"It's requiring a lot of dialog we're finding out. We're experiencing some resistance from them," she said.

Corcoran said the third vote could take place at the Nov. 13 or Nov. 27 council meeting.

Yale Avenue

New concrete on Yale Avenue might or might not happen this fall. Several Maplewood streets, including Walter, Marietta and Marshall avenues were torn up and replaced with new concrete this summer.

Raneri Construction was going to do the Yale Avenue job one side at a time. Now it could be put off until spring because Raneri said the work might not be finished before winter, and they'd have to cover the undone section in rock.

"That would be a muddy mess if they don't get it done," Corcoran said.

He said city staff wouldn't want to have to plow snow off a street covered with rock.

Corcoran met with Raneri representatives Wednesday afternoon, and a decision wasn't made.


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