Rep. Carnahan Delivers Final Floor Speech

Veteran Congressman delivered his final speech on the House floor Monday. Carnahan lost an August primary to Rep. William Lacy Clay.

On the eve of the final votes of the 112th Congress, U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan gave his farewell speech Monday morning, on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.

Carnahan lost the August primary race against Rep. William Lacy Clay for the 1st Congressional District seat. University City is in the 1st District. Carnahan was redistricted out of his 3rd District seat.

In the speech, Rep. Carnahan thanked members of his staff, those he has worked with in the St. Louis community, and the voters who sent him to Washington.

“To the Missourians I’ve had the great honor to represent, I am gratified and humbled beyond belief to be able to represent them in this U.S. House of Representatives for eight years,” said Rep. Carnahan “Working with them, and for them, we’ve been able to get some great things done.

Rep. Carnahan began by thanking his wife, Judge Debra Carnahan, and their two sons, Austin and Andrew. After relaying thanks to those who he has served, and those who helped in that service, Carnahan noted the many legislative accomplishments made during his time in office.

Rep. Carnahan closed by reminding the incoming Congress of the importance of a message passed to him by World War II veterans at a greeting earlier this year, imploring them to, “take on the spirit [the veterans] had, to put the country first and put our differences aside, so we can achieve great things.”

To see Carnahan's entire message, watch the attached video clip.


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