St. Louis County Evaluates Election Costs

Costs have remained mostly flat.

This week marked the release of the ’ biennial report. One of the upshots of the report was that the cost for county elections has stayed roughly the same as four years ago.

“Comparing the cost per registered voter last November ($1.51) to the same mid-term General election four years ago ($1.52), we find we’ve been doing a good job holding the line to a ‘zero’ growth rate, sacrificing nothing for accuracy,” the report stated.

The report also touched on a statewide database of registered voters, as opposed to independent lists maintained by the state’s 116 election authorities.

“The potential problems with this approach are obvious: voters in St. Louis County could also be registered in St. Louis, St. Charles County, etc.,” the report stated. “While the instances of voter fraud were rare, the perception was, rightly, that it was possible.  Now, as registrations are entered anywhere in Missouri, the system scans the lists statewide to identify and automatically delete duplicate, outdated records.”

The full report is available for download on the St. Louis County website.


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