St. Louis County Library Renovations Slated for 2014

Taxes generated by the new property tax will fund several upgrades, including new buildings and other renovations for some South County library branches.

Last month a majority of St. Louis County voters said yes to Prop L, but it will be a while before they see upgrades to library infrastructure, Suburban Journals reports.

The library board will spend the majority of 2013 planning for renovations outlined in their master plan, but the library won't see money generated by the new tax until 2014, according to the report.

Read more on Suburban Journals.

The master plan proposes $76.9 million in construction of new libraries, $12.7 million in existing building renovations, and another $9 million in upgrades. In the South County area, new library buildings are recommended to replace the existing the Tesson Ferry Branch library, 9920 Lin Ferry Drive., and the Meramec Valley Branch, 625 New Smizer Mill Rd., Fenton. A variety of upgrades are proposed for the Oak Bend and Cliff Cave branches. Read more on Patch:

  • Proposition L Election Results 2012
Stephen D December 15, 2012 at 03:55 PM
With the internet now the primary source for research and books available on kindle and such, who primarily uses public libraries now? The homeless? It's probably time to reconsider what public libraries should even be. Primarily digital centers? More research staff and less physical books? Even attached coffee bars to add a social element to them. I bet these places are often empty now.
John M. December 16, 2012 at 09:45 PM
This comment is regarding the Oak Bend branch. I did fill out a comment card there some time ago, but I don't know how high up those go. In any event, I did not hear anything back on it. The problem is that the main shelving area is not easilly handicapped accessible by people in a wheel chair. The problem is with the carpet. It is probably designed to cut down on noise, but it is very resistant to wheel chair wheels. The carpet in front of the desk area is fine, but when you move off that there is a large increase in the effort needed to move the chair. My wife uses a wheel chair, and has a hard time getting around in the shelving area. I am usually the "motor" for her chair, and this is a very big difference. This carpet needs to be replaced, and someone needs to be sure that the new carpet is "handicapped friendlly".
John M. December 16, 2012 at 10:21 PM
To Steven D "I bet these places are often empty now." Have you been to a library since you got out of school? If you went you would find that there are lots of people there, and many of them are using the computers to get online to do all sorts of things. "and less physical books?" Strange as it might seem to some people, some of us actually LIKE to read books! "The homeless?" Do you have something against homeless people? Some former wealthy people are now homeless due to the economy. Some people are there using the computers to find, and apply for jobs. Is that a bad thing? "PUBLIC" means all of us. I'm sure there are many "public" things that you utilize that I don't...should those be changed or eliminated? Of course not.
Stephen D December 16, 2012 at 10:39 PM
First of all, John, yes I do have something against a population of filthy, usually mentally ill, homeless people living in libraries. It turns many regular folks off, so you can play mister moral all you want. Libraries are not homeless shelters. I am not referring to unemployed folks -- who very well can use library services. Please don't feed me BS about "wealthy" people who are now homeless either. Second, I've been in libraries my entire life, likely more than you. The facts are that even many universities are downsizing their physical book collections (putting them in storage and if you want it, you request it). These moves were based on surveys of thousands of volumes and large percentages had not been checked out in YEARS. This is why I suggested perhaps it is time for a rethinking of the concept of public library to keep them relevant into this century. Yes, computers are used by the public though often I've found the technology to be out of date or poorly maintained. Then you also must face the fact that almost the entire society owns a smartphone or laptop or home PC, even the "poor". I gave a few ideas, that's all.


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