State Audit of Brentwood to Start This Month

The process is expected to last five to six months.

The Missouri State Auditor's office is scheduled to begin its audit of Brentwood finances this month, an office spokesman confirmed on Friday.

Auditors are expected to meet with city officials within the next two weeks to explain the process and discuss the scope of the audit, said Spence Jackson, media director with the state auditor's office.

Specific details about the audit remain unknown at this time, however, because it's still early in the process, Jackson said.

Auditors could examine multiple documents—like contracts with vendors and bookkeeping practices, among other things—but those decisions haven't been made yet.

The process would likely require five to six months to complete, Jackson said, but that largely depends on what the auditors discover, if anything.

"We try to be as thorough as possible," Jackson said.

Over the summer, two Brentwood residents to get the city's books audited by the state auditor's office. They gathered more than 1,000 signatures for the petition.

The petition drive followed two in Brentwood over the summer.

In a press release, Mayor Pat Kelly also as a way to restore the citizens' confidence in city government.

The audit is expected to cost Brentwood taxpayers around $85,000, City Administrator Bola Akande said.


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