Brentwood Soccer Player Signs at STLCC

Sammi Merlotti impressed the STLCC coach even when she was injured. He's happy to have her now.

Just about a year ago, soccer player Sammi Merlotti . Now, her future looks bright.

Merlotti signed to play soccer with the Archers in a ceremony at Brentwood with both Corey Grage, her Brentwood coach, and Juergen Huettner, her future coach at her side.

See more photos of the signing at the Maplewood-Brentwood Facebook page. (Like it!)

Grage said he was jealous of Huettner, because he’ll get to have Merlotti out on the field. Grage said he had her, injured, on the sideline too much.

Huettner said the first time he saw Merlotti her leg was wrapped up. He was told she was a good midfielder, but she was injured, so how could he tell?

“But at halftime, everyone was sitting around, and even though Sammi’s leg was all wrapped up, she was bouncing balls and she was hitting them on goal, so I figured if she can play that good with one leg, think what she can do with two,” he said.

Merlotti has already played two tournaments with her new team and said she fit in well. She said several girls from her select team are on the Archers.

Michelle Hassemer April 10, 2012 at 01:51 AM
Karen Laseter April 10, 2012 at 04:45 AM
Yes, Congratulations!!


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