VIDEO: 'God Bless America' at MRH Laramie Project Rally

Artistic director of the Gateway Men's Chorus, Al Fischer, led the group in singing.

Hundreds came to a rally at Maplewood Richmond Heights on Saturday, Oct. 20 to support the student play, The Laramie Project.

When the Maplewood Richmond Heights drama group put on The Laramie Project, about the murder of a gay student in Wyoming, the play was picketed by six representatives of Westboro Baptist Church.

Hundreds came out in a counter-rally in support of the play. As part of their protest against the group from Westboro Baptist, they sang several songs.

The online publication, the Vital Voice, a 'lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender...news source' posted this YouTube video of Fischer leading the group singing God Bless America.

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