Keysor Principal Addresses Newtown Shooting

Teachers will be on the look out for students who appear to need one-on-one support.

In a letter to parents, Keysor Elementary School Principal Bryan Painter explains how the school is addressing the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. The letter was sent Sunday. 

Painter says that knowledge of the tragedy varies from student to student.

"It would be wrong of me to assume, however, that every child knows about the events, has asked those 'what if' questions, or is at all worried about their safety while at school," Painter says.

Therefore Keysor will not discuss the Newtown shooting in its morning announcements or in a large group setting. 

"I personally think it is better for our kids to hear about the news from you, as parents, than from their peers or even their teachers," Painter says. 

Painter says he is confident teachers will be able to make age-appropriate decisions if students bring up the Newtown shooting in the classroom. Instructors will be on the look out for students who appear deeply affected by the events and need one-on-one support or counseling, he adds. 

Painter assures parents that safety procedures are in place at Keysor to prevent an incident like the one in Newtown. But, the event has prompted the principal to meet with the school's crisis team to explore ways to further decrease the likelihood of such a tragedy.

Read Painter's letter to parents.


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Owen Skoler December 18, 2012 at 06:26 PM
I would like to thank Dr. Bryan Painter for his handling of this awful situation. I can't imagine having to write that letter. If I had a kid in school, I would be very moved and reassured as a parent to receive such a message from the principal.


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