MRH Holds Basketball Double-Signing

Chris DeBose and Jake Hensel will play the next four years at Missouri Valley College.

basketball players Chris DeBose, a forward, and Jake Hensel, a point guard, shared the stage last Thursday in the MRH library as together, they signed to play the next four years at Missouri Valley College.

Missouri Valley, in Marshall, MO, holds open tryouts, instead of sending a coach to visit potential players. DeBose and Hensel said practices with MRH coach Corey Frazier, known for intensity and an emphasis on defense had them well prepared.

“I’ll send my kids anywhere,” Frazier said. “They don’t see guys that work that hard.

"Their competitive nature will get them that edge over a lot of kids, but these kids are highly skilled,” he said.

See more photos from the signing ceremony at Maplewood-Brentwood Facebook. (Like it!)

Linda Hensel, Jake’s mother, said she moved to the MRH School District from McCluer North for the athletics and the academics. She said his grades went straight up when they moved to MRH.

“It’s because these people care about these boys,” she said. “That made all the difference.”

DeBose’s mother, Francine Ithier, said he’s earned it. “He’s always been an “A-1 student.”

Selected stats from the 2011-2012 season:

points ave/game 2-pt % 3-pt % assists ave/game rebounds ave/game Debose 6 50 23 1 4.7 Hensel 10 60 50 2.65 2.3


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