Petitions For, Against QuikTrip Move Gain Signatures

MRH parents and Maplewood citizens organize, as a petition and rendering of the proposed new store sit on the QuikTrip counter.

In the end of March, Board of Education President Maria Langston wrote an to the MRH community opposing ’s relocation from 3010 Big Bend Boulevard to the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Big Bend Boulevard.

A group of MRH parents and others the move on Patch, though some liked the idea.

Since then, both sides have started to collect signatures to show support.

A petition sits on the counter at QuikTrip, and MRH parent Tonya Powell is organizing volunteers to canvas neighborhoods to collect signatures to oppose the move.

“We’re concerned about adding QuikTrip to an already crowded and dangerous intersection,” Powell said.

Many MRH students need to navigate the busy intersection to walk to school.

“As a parent of a middle schooler and high schooler, that’s my main concern,” she said. “I think that intersection is already dangerous, and they’re already adding the CVS and trying to add a McDonalds; a QuikTrip, too, is a recipe for disaster.”

QuikTrip spokesman, Mike Thornburgh, said by phone from the company’s home office in Tulsa, OK, that it’s too early to comment on a schedule or a process, though a rendering of a new QT is taped to the counter next to the petition.

“I can tell you we are always looking at potential relocations for all sites, but for this particular one, it’s just way too early to say anything,” he said.

Ward 3 Councilman Barry Greenberg said nothing has reached the city level.

“There’s nothing to decide on yet,” he said.

Gina Mitten April 27, 2012 at 04:03 PM
One question I've heard from many residents in Maplewood is what happens to the existing QT @ Flora? Another is whether the proposed new location @ Manchester would only be right-in, right-out from southbound Big Bend, and if not, how would a left-turn into the proposed location impact traffic northbound on Big Bend (particularly after a CVS goes in at the SE corner).
Patricia Whitt April 29, 2012 at 01:31 AM
I like Quik-Trip's current location on Big Bend. The store is always busy, pumps are generally all in use, and most all parking spots are taken. The clerks are fast and friendly, the bathroom (women's) is clean. I do not see what would be gained by moving the store to a corner with less access and space.
mormit April 29, 2012 at 01:32 AM
The current location works well. They should stay put. If they move to BB & Manchester I probably won't go there much because it will be a pain to get into and out of. I have lived one block away from the Shell station for 16 years. In that time have purchased gas there only one time when I walked over on a Saturday to fill my lawn mower gas can. I have nothing against the Shell station, it's just not convenient in the directions I'm usually driving.
Victoria Brown April 29, 2012 at 05:02 AM
If this has to be a commercial development, why on earth wouldn't the city and the business district want something that diversifies Maplewood and draws new clientele, like a Starbucks or FroYo? Both of those types of businesses are PACKED with school aged kids, and relatively family friendly (no cigarettes & beer sold 10 ft away from the hs!). Plus: I'm tired of having to drive to Webster or Brentwood to visit my two favorite places. Moving QT there seems absurd. What are they thinking!!! What a wasted opportunity to really improve Maplewood!
Sue Jackson May 04, 2012 at 02:23 PM
I totally agree with Victoria Brown, although there are some very good, local coffee shops in Maplewood. But, there are plenty of other categories of retail that could bring in untapped revenue, especially in a high-traffic area such as this location. Also - isn't there some sort of regulation regarding the sale of alcohol within a certain distance of a school?


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