MRH Football Coach Nixon, Senior Linebacker Williams: Two Reasons for Good Outlook

Coach Rich Nixon is new to Maplewood Richmond Heights and Wes Williams has been a starter since his sophomore year.

The Maplewood Richmond Heights football team starts the season at the top of the St. Louis area small schools poll and in the number-two spot in the state in Class 2.

Two of the many reasons for the strong early-season outlook is new coach, Rich Nixon and senior linebacker/quarterback Wes Williams.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch took notice with articles on Monday (Nixon) and Tuesday (Williams).

About Nixon, from the Post-Dispatch:

"His commitment is unwavering. And he asks that his program, from the top down, follow that lead. There are times for dealing with outside forces, distractions and responsibilities. But when it’s time for football, everything else ceases to exist."

About Williams, from the Post-Dispatch:

"During his junior season he began pushing himself in the weight room. This summer he took it to another level. He’s not leaving any stone unturned as he and his fellow seniors have one last shot at finishing on top."

This Friday night at 7:00 MRH will face Brentwood at Brentwood.


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