Son of Long-Time Maplewood Resident Writes on Her Life, Connections to MRH

A 96-year-old Maplewood native recently died. Her son is an editor for the National School Boards Association.

, grew up in Maplewood, and graduated from Maplewood High School, now Maplewood Richmond Heights.

Her son, Lawrence Hardy, an editor for the National School Boards Association (NSBA), wrote on her life in Maplewood, the inception of Joe's Place, and the award the NSBA gave the Maplewood Richmond Heights school district for Joe's Place, a home for homeless boys at MRH.

"While others certainly had it worse during the Great Depression — witness the homeless families living in “Hoovervilles,” the makeshift campsites that sprung up downtown along the Mississippi River — my Mom had to forgo a lot of material things. She loved music, but had to quit piano lessons when my grandmother could no longer afford them. When walking to school, she was instructed by my grandmother to walk on the grass, not on the sidewalk, so the soles of her shoes would last longer."

Read the compete article in the NSBA's School Board News Today.

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