With a New Brentwood Coach, Comes New Systems

The Brentwood Eagles have adapted new offensive and defensive systems under head coach Keith Herring.

It's two days away until opening kickoff for the Brentwood Eagles. The Eagles start a new season with a new coach and new system.

But even with all this newness, said his players have prepared themselves.

"I know they're physically ready and I think emotionally they're ready," Herring said.

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When he took over for the departed Scott Surgener, who , Herring brought with him new offensive and defensive systems.

On offense, everything hinges on the ability to run the ball well. Players will stack up around the quarterback and run three different blocking schemes during each play. The system requires good blocking from the tight ends and running backs.

Once the opposing team's defense expects another running play, then the Eagles will run a misdirection or play-action fake, and throw the ball downfield.

The new system has been successful for Herring in the past, and he expects it to do well in Brentwood.

"It's unique, and defenses don't see it too often," Herring said.

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On the other side of the ball, the Eagles will play an "attack-style defense," he said.

"It's a lot of movement," Herring said. "We're going to be proactive and shoot gaps."

That means more blitzes for the players. It's an aggressive system.

And while the systems are brand new to the players, Herring said most of the team is ready.

The players spent a lot of time in the weight room this summer, and quickly bought into the new systems. Herring credited seniors Keith Bowman (offensive lineman), Danny Lynch (defensive back) and Tyler Jones (middle linebacker) for setting a good example for the team with their work ethics.

"All of the seniors have done a great job," Herring said.

Now it's time to turn that offseason work into a successful season for the Eagles.


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