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Students at MRH Middle School are immersed both inside and outside the classroom in a variety of experiences through the metaphor, “School as Expedition.”
Learning expeditions are in-depth studies of a topic that engage students through authentic projects, real-life studies, fieldwork, and/or service.  Expeditions occur within the school walls when the community is brought into the classroom through expert guest speakers and outside of the classroom, as a journey to conduct fieldwork. Rigorous academic achievement, critical thinking, essential skills and habits, and character development are integral components of the learning expedition.   MRH Middle School is a 1:1 laptop environment. During your child’s time at middle school, they will engage in a variety of high tech projects that challenge them to become a 21st century digital native.   Finally, MRHMS is designed to build the capacity of our students in our cornerstones of learning. We provide many opportunities for students to grow as leaders, scholars, citizens, and stewards through a variety of projects, partnerships, and initiatives that provide our students a view into their learning beyond high school and as active participants in their future communities.
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