I am a very married and extremely harried mother of three in Maplewood.  My husband and I originally found our way here when I was a struggling Communication Arts student at Fontbonne.  Orignating from a small town in mid-Missouri, we fit right in with the small town feel of Maplewood and the eclectic residents.
All three of my children (two boys 14 and 11, and their 5 yeard old sister) attend MRH schools.  And our dog Bailey has escaped several times to explore the area on her own and must love it as much as we do as she keeps trying slip out again. I have been very active in district improvement efforts, long term planning, school board elections as well as several tax levy and or bond issue campaigns. I'm employed by Ameren Energy Marketing doing a job that few people have ever heard of and even fewer understand, but I love it and work with some terrific people.  I travel anywhere from two to ten days out of the month for work which ensures that I'm often working later than I'd like at the office, or running late for a meeting or appontment of some kind.  Rarely and I well rested which explains why I am usually cranky at some point throughout the day.
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